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What we do
We focus on productivity delivered. Smart solutions that automate workflow gives you a competitive advantage. We are a team with over 30+ years in innovating solutions for customers – that solve workflow problems. We have a reputation for attention to detail and in-depth technical expertise, our understanding of how technology is evolving, and most importantly how our solutions can contribute to your bottom line.

We build trust by delivering robust technology solutions that is future proof to evolve with the changes in your business journey.

Even if you’re not sure about the specifics of what your organisation needs, we’ll look at your end goals and find a way to get there, based on our extensive experience.

Why Us

During the initial strategy and planning phase comes clarity and understanding. Your highest priority goals determine the path you need to take and, more importantly, the first step to the most appropriate workflow digital solution.
A focus on the right thing at the right time ensures success. Even when you know exactly what you want. By dividing the software requirements into specific sub projects, we can respond to change efficiently and effectively.
Because each milestone is flexible, important feedback from your end-users can be responded to quickly and easily, and new features or changes can be actioned immediately to keep the project on time.

Caleta Smart Solutions

When you’ve identified a process, task or opportunity that you can’t find the correct software solution for, we’ll bring your ideas to life. From concept through design, testing, training, deployment and after sales support, Caleta will be your strong partner every step of the way.

Search uses the latest AI models to truly understand documents, offering a more intelligent document search capability. Uses a combination of technologies to provide an intuitive search for documents, allowing searches through conversational language.

Automation uses best of breed automation tools to develop bespoke hyper automation solutions for manual and repetitive tasks. Utilise Digital, Cloud, RPA, AI, Workflow and API orchestration and other automation tools to enable automation of almost any business process.

Reimagine ERP systems with our ERP solutions, adding Cloud capabilities to existing ERP systems and integrate using digital channels such as Alexa, Microsoft Teams, PowerApps, Chatbots, Mobile Apps, etc. Smart ERP can reimagine multiple business processes, streamlining and reducing friction.

Process Advisor is designed to guide staff through organisational processes, advising them each step of the way. With deep integrations into existing systems, process advisor can contextually guide users through business systems, following users from one system to another to provide a holistic advisor experience.

Data Capture
Ditch manual data input and discover how Data Capture can support enterprise data capture requirements. Data Capture uses a mix of Cloud services and open source frameworks to provide Intelligent Data Recognition.

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